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The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust

The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust
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Wedding Hire

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This is the entertaining wedding present like no other.

Continue the 250 year old royal tradition and create wonderful memories that will truly be remembered.

Invite the genuine chimney sweep Jim Chim-in-ey, dressed in his respectable best to share his luck with the Bride and Groom on their extra special day.

Whats included in the gift:

The chimney sweep blessing
The story of the King & the Sweep
Lucky keepsakes
Photo opportunity

Total duration: 5-15 minutes
Prices: start from as little as £70.00

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The story of The chimney sweep & The King

The story starts in 1753 with the 70 year old King George II (God bless him) was riding his horse in a royal procession when a feral dog ran out from the crowd, barking and nipping at the King’s horse.
The horse reared, and to the crowds horror, the King lost control! Only one fearless man had the courage or stupidity to catch the horse’s halter and calm the peterrified animal. but as quickly as he appeared, the man fled back into crowd. The King (God bless him), wanting to reward the man for saving his life, asked the crowd for his name?

“He’s just a Chimney Sweep" . . . Just a Chimney Sweep" they replied

Unable to thank the sweep for his bravery. The king proclaimed by Royal Decree that all chimney sweeps are bearers of good luck and should be treated with the highest of respect.

Later that year, when the King’s youngest daughter was to be married, King George sent for a chimney sweep because he believed that the presence of any chimney sweep would bring good luck and happiness to his daughter in her marriage.

Thus the tradition was born,

The Tradition continues . . .

Since that day, chimney sweeps have been invited to weddings and special occasions to hand out good fortune and the share of their good luck.

Even up until the beginning of the 20th century it was not uncommon to see men bow and ladies curtsy to us fine tradesmen as we visited chimney stacks from street to street.

Even the Royal family have continued with this great tradition:

When the Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip on the 20th November 1947 a chimney sweep was invited to shake hands with the prince during the royal procession.

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