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Wednesday 21 June 2017

10 steps to removing a live bird stuck in your chimney

How to remove a live bird stuck in chimney stack?
How to remove a live bird stuck in chimney stack?
Removing a bird stuck in a chimney, stack, flue or liner can be an unpleasant situation, for you as well as for the feathered animal. Birds sometimes not able to fly out of the chimney do get stuck. Freeing the bird may take some time; being calm and patient throughout the experience will help persuade the winged animal where you need it to be so you can get it out of the house, back outside, free to fly like a bird once again.

Tools you may need to remove the live bird from a chimney:

  • Large box - That fits inside fireplace
  • Stiff cardboard sheet - Larger than the box opening
  • Torch - To encourage the bird
  • Mirror - To look up the chimney
  • Sheets - To keep your carpet/ furniture clean
  • Towel - To catch the bird
  • Broom - To guide the bird
How to remove a live bird from your chimney?
  1. Glimpse inside the chimney to try and find the bird, use your torch & mirror if needed.
  2. Open damper if you have one.
  3. Close all doors in the room to the rest of the house, this is to contain the bird should it escape into the room.
  4. Sheet up around the fireplace to protect the carpet.
  5. Turn your torch on and place your torch / spotlight in the box.
  6. Place the large box, open side up, inside the chimney opening. Prop the box up with another box if required, so there is a small gap between the box and the highest point of the fire place. 
  7. Turn off TV & radio, and keep talking to a minimum to Bring silence to the room, Keep quite until the feathered creature enters the box. 
  8. Slide the cardboard sheet delicately over the container opening, catching the Bird inside. 
  9. Tenderly remove the container from the chimney, taking the box and bird outside. 
  10. Remove the cardboard top from the box to set the winged creature free.

How to remove a live bird if it is in the fireplace or room?
  1. Close all doors that allow access to the house.
  2. Open all windows / doors to the outside world.
  3. Turn off lights and make the room darker then outside, 
  4. If required turn on outside light.
  5. Use one of the options below to remove the bird from your property.
    • Gently guide the winged animal toward the open window or door with the broom.
    • Slowly throw a towel over the winged animal to trap it then take the towel tenderly outside to free.
Has a bird nested in your chimney?
On the off chance that feathered creatures have built a nest in the chimney, do not disturb the nest at this time, as some species are protected by law. At the end of the bird season in late August / early September is the time to book in your chimney sweep to remove the un-active nest.

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