The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust

The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust
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Friday, 9 December 2016

#7 Questions to ask before burning your firewood!

Its important to know if you firewood has been seasoned before you burn them on the fire. Here is Jim Chim-in-ey's easy anagram to help you remember Jim's 7 signs of seasoned wood.

Seasoned wood is in Jim's "S.M.S CLUB"

  • Smell - No
  • Moisture - Below 20%
  • Sound - Bowling pin
  • Cracks - Yes
  • Lightweight - Yes
  • Ugly - Yes
  • Bark - Peels off

The Questions to ask before burning?

Does the wood Smell?

Does the Moisture rating read below 20% from the centre?

Does the wood Sound like a bowling pin when it hits a hard floor?

Does the wood have Cracks?

Does the wood feel Lightweight?

Does the wood look Ugly & weathered?

Does the Bark peel off?

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This article was written by Jim Chim-in-ey

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