Friday, 27 January 2017

How Jim Chim-in-ey investigates a suspected birds nest in a chimney.

Dorset Chimney Bird Nest Guide: Article Five

bird nest removal dorset
  • Visual inspection from inside the flue.
  • Visual inspection of stack, pot and cowl from the outside of the property.
  • CCTV inspection from the inside of flue.
  • Roof inspection from the external agency if required.
  • Refer to the chimney sweep's bird nesting calendar for what work can be carried out in line with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
    • If inactive, then the nest can be removed.
    • If active, then an appropriate date to commence the work will be advised.

How Jim Chim-in-ey removes a birds nest?

There is two options I use to remove a bird's nest. The traditional hook & rod method or the power sweep & cable method. Both of which allow me to tackle nests in most varieties of chimney.