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Friday 27 April 2018

Do I need an air vent installed with my fire or wood burner?

Why do I need an air-vent installed?

All heating appliances such as open fires, stoves and wood-burners produce heat from the combustion of carbon based fuels. Gas, oil and solid fuels like coal and wood require enough oxygen to complete combustion triangle below. The heat also enables the chimney flue to function properly, removing the combusted product safely from the property via the chimney as smoke.
Fire Triangle 02
The Fire Triangle (Combustion Triangle).
Open-fires and wood burning stoves draw their combustion air from within the room and are required by Building Regulations to have a permanently open vent installed to provide air from the outside of the property.

Without this ventilation there is real danger that the fire triangle of combustion will be incomplete, this can lead to a high amount of carbon monoxide being produced and reduce the efficiency of your chimney flues up-draught. This can be a deadly combination that can cause emissions of poisonous gases to the room. Which in the worst case scenario can result in sickness and ultimately death to the occupants.

Carbon monoxide is a poison.
Carbon monoxide is a poison.

Vent Overview:

Regular maintenance, inspections & CO alarms throughout the property is advised and customers should always install an air vent and take active precautions to support the safe and continued use of the appliance.

Want to know what size air vent to install?
Visit this great wood stove installing advice site for more information.
Stove Fitters Manual: Do I need an air vent for a wood burning stove?

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