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Friday 12 October 2018

Poole Chimney Sweep Interview with Homes with Love Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch - Part One

What do you do day-today as a chimney sweep in poole?

The CCTV investigation side of chimney sweeping can be interesting when your trying to work out an issue. One job I remember. . . I had a gas fire where the builders built the new roof over the flu which pushed all the fumes into the loft bedrooms, that CCTV could have saved the customers life from CO poisoning.

There is also the bird removal side to chimney sweeping. I've got a new found love for pigeons from this job, removing a live pigeon that's stuck in a chimney is super rewarding and they are pretty tame birds, they will happily sit on your hand while you move them to a better position. [ I’ve spent up to to 2 hours to get alive birds out and thankfully have managed ]

Its a physical job too. I get a beach ready body during chimney sweep season. It’s just a shame that the season is September - February - so I lose it all just in time for the summer.

I think it’s a rewarding job being a chimney sweep, at the end of your day you get to help keep safe homes, prevent chimney fires and meet the lovely people of Dorset on the way. That's pretty cool.

Is there a tradition to chimney sweeping?

In traditional side of chimney sweeps are known as being one of the luckiest trades people in the world. People want to shake your hand quite a lot, especially the older generation who remember the tradition.

We get invited to weddings thanks to a century old fable about how a chimney sweep saved the king. Having a chimney sweep at your weddings is an old tradition that happened a lot for my mum's era as their parents were the ones who were booking the chimney sweeps. Sadly it's a little forgotten tradition but it’s something I get invited to about once a year. It's usually paid for by the mother of the bride. We crash the wedding and bring good luck to the marriage by stealing a kiss from the bride and shaking hands with the groom and offer a small gift.

Poole chimney sweep dressed in best chimney sweep outfit 01
Poole chimney sweep Jim Chim-in-ey dressed in his best chimney sweep outfit

We are also one of the only trades that gets to wear a top hat. I choose to wear a dead-mans hat, it's a little shorter than the traditional top hat. This traditionally is seen as a sign of respect to the customers of class.In short, I get to wear a top hat because King George II made a decree that chimney sweep are lucky and should be treated with the highest of respect.

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