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The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust
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Friday 1 February 2019

The wood burner safety checklist to tick off this winter.

Here is a handy woodburner safety check list that woodburner owners can do to ensure their woodburner, stove or multi fuel is in tip top working condition, ready for a safe winter burning season.

woodburner winter check list 02
woodburner winter checklist
Fire rope - is your fire sealing correctly around the door of your wood burner?

  • Is your fire-rope fraying?
  • Is your fire rope making a tight seal? To check cut a piece of paper and shut the door on a strip of paper and pull the paper to see if the door is gripping it. Do this in multiple places around wood-burner / stove.
  • Is the fire rope coming away from the door?

If any of the above then you fire-rope will need replacing.

Is the stove pipe smoke tight?
Check that none of the fire cement or fire silicone is missing around the joints of the stove pipe and replace if required.

Are your fire bricks cracked?
If Yes it is recommended to replace the fire brick.

  • For a temporary fix you can use fire cement to fill the crack.
  • To replace either the fire brick part from a wood burner supplier or you can purchase vermiculite and cut it to size to replace the fire brick.

Clear the wood burners throat regularly.
Also known as a baffle plate, to remove this you may need to remove the fire bricks and then the baffle plate to clear the soot that gathers on the throat. If soot gathers here it  can restrict the woodburner's efficiency and increase the chance of fire. This should be done about once every 2 month during burning season.

Ensure flammable items are at least 60cm away from the woodburner.

  • Check under and around the woodburner for items, you would surprised how many toys and items that get knocked under the wood burner which can cause a fire risk.
  • Ensure your firewood basket is not too close, I've seen many of these singed which could have caused a house fire.
  • Stack your firewood at least 60 cm away from the burner the room temperature will still help dry the wood.

Important! Don't ever miss a sweep? 

Your chimney sweep uses their experience to safely assess and recommend the next chimney sweep date, by missing a sweep your chances of a chimney fire increase and you insurance may not be covered.

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