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The professional Bournemouth chimney sweep service you can trust
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Monday 4 January 2021

Cowl Fitting - What cowl should I fit? The cowl a Chimney Sweep Recommends

I am often asked what cowl to fit on a chimney pot?

1) Ensure the cowl is the right chimney cowl for your fuel type.

  • Wood.
  • Coal.
  • Gas.
  • Chimney disused / blocked

2) Why do you want a cowl fitted?

  • To stop birds nesting.
  • Rain cover.
  • Up-draught issues.

3) What cowl fastening style is best?

  • Universal Strap jubilee clip style (Recommended).
  • Bolt Fastened.
  • Push Fit

4) Who is going to fit the cowl safely?

  • You can fit yourself
  • Call your Chimney Sweep

5) Tools required to fit Universal Strap cowls?

  1. Access to the chimney pot
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Pair of pliers.

Looking for someone to fit a cowl?

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Below is a Universal Strap / jubilee clip style cowl that I recommend. This cowl allows your chimney sweep to safely sweep your chimney stack.

I always recommend a Universal Strap / Jubilee clipped cowl as a more secure option then the push in type cowl.

Cowl Chimney Gas
Cowl Suitable for Gas Fire.

Please note that the cowl above is suitable for gas and looks very similar to a multifuel cowl which has a square hole mesh. To view different types of cowls by visiting

Cowl Clip Universal Strap
Universal Strap Jubilee Clip that fastens to cowl.

Above is a picture of the Universal strap that secures the cowl to the pot.

Here is a Link to Colt Cowls website which has a good selection of suitable cowls for Coal, Wood & Gas & Capping.

How to fit a cowl?
Here is a good video from Colt Cowls on how to install a cowl to a chimney pot.

Blocking or capping a chimney?

When blocking a disused chimney it is important to allow air to continue to flow within the stack. This is why a chimney cap with a vent is recommended like the one below.

Vent, cap cowl
Vent / Cap Chimney Cowl.

These attach in the same way as the cowl above with the Universal Strap.

chimney cap and vent cowl
Chimney cap cowl with vent to allow important airflow.

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