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Thursday 21 March 2024

How to Help a Lost Bird Stuck in Your Bournemouth or Poole Chimney

Spring is finally here! But with longer days and open windows, birds become more active, and sometimes, a little too curious. 

You might find a lost bird stuck in your chimney. Don't worry, here's a guide on how to safely remove it, why they might end up there, and how to prevent future incidents:

The Feathered Fiasco:

  1. Gain Access: If you have a wood burner, you may need to remove the throat slash baffle plate to access the flue. With an open fireplace, look up the chimney to see if the bird is perched on a shelf.

Helping the Lost Soul Escape:

  • Lure it Down: Once you locate the bird, place tempting food like bread and water near the bottom of the chimney opening. This might entice it to descend to a reachable position.

  • Light the Way: Shine a lamp or torch at the bottom of the fire to encourage the bird to move down towards the light source.

  • Patience is Key: Leave the room and create a calm environment. Loud noises and activity can further disorient the bird.

Preparing for Release:

  • The Escape Box: You'll need a large box big enough to hold the bird comfortably.

  • Bird Wrangler (Optional): Have a broom handy in case the bird escapes into the room and needs gentle guidance towards the open exit.

  • Open Sesame: Open all windows and doors leading outside to create a clear escape path.

  • Safety First: Wear gloves to protect yourself from potential scratches.

The Big Rescue:

  • Gentle Guidance: Once the bird is visible on the shelf or inside the wood burner, carefully reach in with gloved hands.

Important: Building trust is crucial before touching the bird. Hold your gloved hand close to the bird for a while, showing it you mean no harm. Birds instinctively grasp onto anything resembling a branch.

  • Offer a Perch: After a few moments allowing the bird to acclimate to your presence, slowly position your hand under the bird's feet, allowing it to grip your hand as a safe perch.

  • Open Fire Maneuver: With open fires, you might need to gently squeeze the bird sideways to remove it through a narrow gap. If necessary, use your other hand to keep the bird's wings folded while maneuvering it out.

  • Freedom Flight: Once outside the chimney, gently transfer the bird to the box and close the lid. Take the box outside and leave it in a shaded, quiet area with the lid open.

  • A Safe Distance: Sit quietly a few meters away for 5-10 minutes. The bird may be disoriented after being in the dark. Patience is key, and it will eventually fly away when it feels safe. This waiting period is crucial to avoid attracting predators like cats.

Important Note: If you suspect a nest is present in the chimney, leave the bird alone! Disturbing a nest is illegal during breeding season (March to September) due to bird protection laws. In this case, contact a wildlife professional for safe nest removal.

Preventing Future Feathered Flues:

A chimney cowl is your best defense! These metal caps allow smoke to escape while keeping birds from entering.

Jim Chim-in-ey: Your Bournemouth & Poole Chimney Experts

While removing a stuck bird is important, preventing future incidents is ideal. Jim Chim-in-ey, your trusted Bournemouth and Poole chimney sweep, can help!

  • Post-Rescue Inspection: After the bird is safely removed, Jim Chim-in-ey can inspect your chimney for any gaps or openings that might attract birds.

  • Chimney Cowl Installation: They also offer professional cowl installation, ensuring your chimney remains bird-free while allowing proper ventilation.

Enjoy a worry-free summer with healthy bird populations! For expert chimney services in Bournemouth and Poole, contact Jim Chim-in-ey today. Text Jim at 07837 672 548 or visit their website,, for a prompt and professional solution.

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