Advice & Guidance

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Dorset Chimney Sweeps Advice & Guidance

Here is a collection of advice and guidance articles written by Jim Chim-in-ey - Dorset Chimney Sweep Specialist.

The Pocket Guide to a Healthy Chimney

  1. The Pocket Guide to a Healthy Chimney

Firewood Articles

  1. What is the difference between kiln dried and seasoned firewood?
  2. #7 Ways to tell if your firewood is seasoned and ready to burn
  3. The best way to store your firewood!
  4. #7 Questions to ask before burning your firewood!
  5. Softwood vs Hardwood.
  6. Wood Types that are good and not so good to burn
  7. Burning woodwork off-cuts
  8. What wood gives off the best heat?
  9. What size logs should you burn in your chimney or woodburner?

Chimney & Stove Health Articles

  1. The most efficient way to burn your firewood!

Birds & Nest Articles

Gas Fires

Other Articles


This article was written by Jim Chim-in-ey

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